Projector Start Up Instructions

Step one: Power on

Start the projector by standing in front of or behind the projector. Point the remote up at it and press the power button.

Step two: Power on speakers

While the projector boots up power on speakers by flipping the switch in the bottom right corner

The LCD will light up and read NO

Press the Mode button Until it Reads Blue. It should be flashing. If not, then it has connected to someone else's device. Turn off other Bluetooth devices and try again.

Step three: Connecting the Sound System

Using the projector remote select setup.

Using the right arrow on the controller and scroll right.

Stop on the screen that reads sound. Use the down arrow to scroll to Bluetooth and press okay.

This screen should appear. Select search.

The same screen should begin to show available devices. Select PRORECK. When it connects it should chime. Return to the main screen by pressing the return button on remote.

Step Four: Selecting input for device

Select HDMI 1 and from there you can power on the ROKU or plug your own device into the HDMI splitter. Be sure to select the right port on the splitter.